Review French Customers
  • iTailor Avis : 07/01/2020

    Dear iTailor,
    I confirm that I received the coat. Everything is perfect. I will give you a jacket and pants order very soon. Thank you very much for your services and your professionalism.
    Ronald (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 18/12/2019

    I received the new pants.
    This time it goes correctly.
    Thank you for respecting the announced deadlines.
    Clément RE (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 18/12/2019

    I get my white shirt and I am very happy. Many thanks to you and the iTailor team.

    Is it possible for the next shirt I will order you to make it more waisted (more fitted) ? If yes, what information do you need from me? Do you prefer more measurements from my body or do you prefer measurements from the shirt itself? Whit pictures of course.

    Also, I want to thank you for the puces of fabric I found in the package. Thank will be very helpful for my next order.
    Vincent B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 04/07/2019

    We have just received the jacket and it is perfect. Thank you again for your intervention and your professionalism.
    See you soon
    Alain C.
    ALAIN (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 04/07/2019

    Good day,

    I have received my shirts and again, I am very happy.
    I want to place a new order for some more shirts, would it be possible to change the monogram? Now it is the standard “italic”. Could it be changed to “Arial”

    Thanks again for the nice shirts. And delivery!


    Chris v.
    Christiaan v. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 21/05/2019

    Many thanks for the arrival of the shirts on Christmas Eve afternoon ! We are extremely pleased with them.I had almost given up hope they would arrive so, was so happy they did. Thank you again for your service.

    A very happy New Year to you & your team. Best wishes from Annie & Jon M
    Annie M. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 21/05/2019


    I first wanted to thank you and your team for the respect of the deadline and also for the quality of the work done I am delighted with the result and the jacket is impeccable so a thousand thanks and congratulations for your work and your seriousness.

    Most definitely future clients for you!

    M M.
    Jean p. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 30/04/2019

    I just wanted to take a moment and thank you. Since having cancer I could never find a dress shirt to fit me. Now I do, thanks to you. They arrived today. I tired them on and they fit beautifully. Thank you again.
    William L.
    William L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 30/04/2019

    well received the pants
    color, size, super, fits me very well
    thanks thanks

    christian a.
    christian a. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 24/12/2018

    Like the 2 first this one fit perfectly !
    Have a nice day
    Jean B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 24/12/2018

    it's just arrived (29 november)
    it's just beautiful shirt im satisfait !
    i think for a new order !

    Bruno L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 25/09/2018

    I received the shirt and I wanted to thank you because you saved me for this important day! thank you from the bottom of heart and very nice work, the shirt is a nice quality and well tailored. Thanks again. Good luck to you all.

    J'ai bien reçu la chemise et je tenais à vous remercier car vous me sauvez pour ce jour si important ! Merci du fond du cœur et très joli travail, la chemise est d'une belle qualité et bien taillée. Merci encore. Bonne continuation à vous tous.
    M. Boyer
    Jonathan B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/08/2018

    Je viens de recevoir mes chaussures.
    Elles sont magnifiques, dommage qu’il n’y avais pas les lacets rouge
    Comme vous me l’aviez promis.
    kevin (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/08/2018

    commande de chaussure(1 Pair of Shoes | Order No. IS37XXX
    reçu ce jour. Thank you for your professionalism. Perfect shoes Thierry
    KOENIG (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/08/2018

    I have received, last week, a new shirt for my son William as the first one that I received did not fit his size.
    I wanted to thank you and all the customer support team of itailor for the quality of service and commercial gesture.

    It encourages me to continue trust itailor service and continue ordering with your company.
    I just wanted to let you know and thank you again for the customer service.

    Best regards,

    Anne C.
    Anne Claire (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/08/2018

    I just received the jacket you had made tree times…

    And I would like to tell you : Yes ! Finally ! This time, the jacket fits perfectly.

    All is perfect now.

    Many thanks.

    Best regards

    Ralph L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/08/2018

    The jacket and the vest are arrived it’s perfect and I would to thank you for all

    You are formidable

    I will order another costum in few days

    Arnaud stéphane N. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 02/03/2018

    Just received it today. It's perfect ;)

    Stéphane DOS S.
    stephane (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 02/03/2018

    This has to be the best service response that I have received in a very long while. Thank your for your fast reply and waiver offer. This is excellent service.

    Warm regards,
    Steve (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 02/03/2018

    Hi !
    I just received the pants this morning!
    Perfect !

    Karim (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 02/03/2018


    I just got the jacket. It’s beautiful and high quality.

    This is perfect very nice work !!

    I will return very quickly on your site :)

    Thibault T.
    Thibault (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 20/09/2017

    Thank you very much to the entire Itailor team.
    I received my shirt "on measure" in record time and I could wear it for the wedding of my son tomorrow.
    A thousand thanks and see you soon.
    MAGNE J.
    Jean Pierre (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 20/09/2017

    Shirt received at the moment, fitting conclusive, very good performance
    Thank you we will return
    Claude A
    Claude A (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 20/09/2017

    e ne peux plus me passer de vos costumes il sont excellents en conception et en qualité ...

    wassa (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 20/09/2017

    Thank you for the quality of the costume and speed of sending

    Quietly W.
    Fred (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 06/05/2017

    Hi iTailor Team,
    Thank you for all the work you have done to get the ordered shoes back to me. I am spreading the word for your great service!

    The shoes fit perfectly and look fantastic!

    Kind regards,
    Erik v.
    Erik van der Veer (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 06/05/2017

    I made good reception of my shirts.

    Congratulations! Because this time, nothing to say, everything is perfect!
    At the height of my expectations in terms of quality, cut and size:
    -your "popeline" of cotton is of good quality (thickness and deniers)
    -your well-made and finished seams
    -The collars are well made and rigid
    -The well-cushioned buttons
    -the length is perfect for entering the pants
    -respect of sizes
    -fitted cut

    "All is well that ends well" my disappointments with you are forgotten ..

    So in front of such a good job, I can only say thank you to all!
    And in particular to the little hands of fairy-tale worker to whom they never think enough!
    (You should value them more on your site!
    By showing: "The best worker of the month"
    Quality of production).

    I will not be long to order from you again.
    You have earned a loyal customer, but please keep my sizes ..
    Your intelligence and commercial integrity make you win customers.
    I will praise your merits around me.

    Best regards
    Sylvain T.
    Sylvain (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 06/05/2017

    Hello I will wish to share my joy, I received my jeans and like the first time I am very satisfied, for I find no jeans my size I'm very happy to have a site that has make my size thank you, thank you and the use that we make a very good job thank you, happy to recommend you.

    valentin (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 04/01/2017

    hellos voulai I thank you for the quality of the product features on your site I am filled with happiness I always u confidence by site but last command received (tie shoe) fills me with happiness and I atend forward to the rest my order I think sometimes you have to solicit you for your work I am a customer fills and will not be the last time I'll do my shopping on this web site i hope that is little message will please you cordially
    benoit b.
    buron (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 04/01/2017

    Hello just to tell you that I received my pants this morning, thank you and congratulations for your professionalism, and I would think about my future need for Itailor
    and thank you again very good day
    Jean-Louis (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 28/12/2016

    Bonjour je tenais a vous dire que j'ai enfin reçu ma commande et en suis tres satisfait merci je recommanderai chez vous sans hésiter merci .
    rigaud (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 24/10/2016

    Hello gentlemen, I received my order and I thank you very much, because I think that everything is perfect on measures between the suit and trousers. Hope to see you. Cordially.
    GNINGUE P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 24/10/2016

    complete order and delivered.
    Thank you for your quick response that allowed us to be delivered on time.
    You are a very professional company, I recommend you around.
    Very soon we repasserons orders.
    Again thank you and congratulations for your serious.
    M. GINET (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 24/10/2016

    Hello, I just got my shirt is perfect and I am very happy. Now I'll order four shirts tomorrow on October 4, but the cause of a trip abroad, it is necessary that the delivery is made, necessarily, Tuesday, November 8, last time. Is this possible with your service '' express ''? In advance, I thank you for your response. Olivier R.
    Olivier (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 24/10/2016

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you for your message. You are a serious and competent company. Some should emulate you. I received my shirt. Those are the French Customs have zeal. they even very damaged packaging. But the shirt is in perfect condition. She is magnificent. Like the other shirts, I'm very happy. And I inform you that I would be a good client because the shirt is very good.
    francois (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 12/09/2016


    Just a short email to thank you for your work.
    These item is really perfect, I hope the two remaining will also be.

    Have a good week-end.


    Ronald C.
    Ronald C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2016

    dear seller! Depending on the email you sent me. I realized that you add 2-4 inches body size. My request is, if you can produce exactly the shirt I made measurements. I would be happy if this fill my request. Excellent service. No words. Thanks.
    yoel p. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2016

    I received the shirt is super
    Congratulations thank you
    See you soon
    Mitchell ph
    Mitchell ph (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 28/06/2016

    Received. Looks great, thank you very much!
  • iTailor Avis : 22/06/2016

    Dear Sir / Madam,
    We have just received the shirt, it fits perfectly, thank you.
    Fr. gr. AB van D.
    AB van D. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 22/06/2016

    Thanks very much!
    Received my new jacket today.

    I am very happy with the quality !

    John de W.
    John de W. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 05/11/2015


    Thank you for the order I received this morning, and I commend you for your professionnalisme. Dés I can I send you pictures of the costume on me.

    Best Regards.
    B.G. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 05/11/2015

    I received my jeans today. Thank you a lot.
    Jean P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 05/11/2015

    Hello dynamic team ITAILOR

    I really wanted to thank you for your responsiveness and
    professionalism because I just got my first time in 4 shirts. You
    really just me 'tape' by your speed

    Let me tell you later but meanwhile still BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO

    A thousand thank you and good day to you all
    J.P (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 05/11/2015

    Hello dynamic team ITAILOR

    I really wanted to thank you for your responsiveness and
    professionalism because I just got my first time in 4 shirts. You
    really just me 'tape' by your speed

    Let me tell you later but meanwhile still BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO

    A thousand thank you and good day to you all
    J.P (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 05/11/2015

    Hello ,

    Thank you for your response and the speed with which you worked; I
    received this new package Tuesday, a product that gives us
    satisfaction as always.

    Thanking you again for your professionalism, I wish you a nice day.

    Best regards.

    Annick A.
    A.A (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 01/10/2015

    I received my new suit. A big thank you for your professionalism . I'll be sure to let you advertise.
    D.L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 04/09/2015

    Good evening, I received my suit jacket today which is well made and good quality and I am very happy with it.

    Thank you Daniel S.
    Daniel S. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 04/09/2015

    Costume received prior to the expected date of very good quality and perfectly cut thank you.
    Perez C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 21/08/2015

    I especially want to thank you, and through you, all the team of iTailor (design, manufacturing, shipping ...).
    I just got the last shirt I ordered on July 30. And I have implored you to receive faster for a wedding.
    She is beautiful, as I really wanted.
    I thank you a thousand times because you did better than I thought. Delivery faster than expected.
    I guarantee that I would make your ad if asked where I bought my custom shirt.
    Thanks again,
    I probably would order another shirt for you.
    Thank you to send my thanks to all teams iTailor !!!
    Julien FOREST.
    A happy customer.
    J.F (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/06/2015

    Dear iTailor Team,

    We well receive our Suit on last Wednesday.

    Everything is wonderfull.

    We will recommand you to our friends and will work with you very soon.

    We just suggest you, to send to any purchase person an e-mail when the
    product is shipping.

    Thank you very much for your professional contact.
    A.V (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/06/2015

    This message is to confirm that I received the shirt, as announced, in spectacular short lead-time.
    Tailoring seems as good quality as announced. Congratulations.

    Thank you for your efforts and follow-up for this unpredictable issue.

    I have been convinced by your courtesy, prompt and efficient response and taking care of the "low value on invoice".

    With my best regards,
    Nicolas Del D.
    N.D. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 12/02/2015


    I received delivery of the costume that I commanded you. As agreed, the articles of dress were separately deliver me: Trousers Saturday, January 31, 2015 and vest Tuesday, February 3, 2015.

    After dressing, I am delighted to inform you that this suit fits perfectly with my measurement!

    I thank you for the quality of your work and your diligence.

    Best Regards,M.
    J.T. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 19/12/2014

    Dear itailor,

    I think it is really good now : Just received 2 another packages so then we have :

    - RX567031082DE (Jacket order IT399222-1) >> The tracking number is available at the French post : OK !

    - RX566998492DE (Pant order IT399222-2) >> received today

    - RX566998855DE (Vest order IT399222-3) >> received yesterday

    - RX567001576DE (Shirt order IT399222-4) >> received today

    Sorry to have disturbed you with my worries… The stress of my marriage…
    Congratulation and many thanks to all you team for their work, communication, and patience.

    With kind regards
    Hugues Massicot
    H.M. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 19/12/2014

    Dear iTailor
    just a little mail to let you know that after ordering you 24 articles
    plus 3 shoes
    i'm very happy doing business with you all of them got to me and they
    are realy good i do enjoy them a lot i defenetly will order more maybe
    a little slower pace but do know than you have a happy client and than
    i'm sharing your link with many contact
    best regards and keep up the good work
    Mattia B.
    M.B (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 19/12/2014

    Hello to you, I have just received my order and I am very satisfied
    with the quality of the costume !!! a very good quality / price ratio
    !!!! I will not fail to retake control of another home, for a suit or
    other products of your catalog. Regards Mr MARROT
    Marrot M. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 19/12/2014

    I wanted to thank you for sending my shoes I just received today.
    They are perfect and fit me perfectly!
    Thank you again for your professionalism and responsiveness.
    I would not fail to let you know.
    Stéphane R. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2014

    Hello there,
    We just received the shirt.
    Thank you very much for your boost. My dad is super nice and match her ​​daughter married.
    I thank you advise your site.
    Have a nice day
    Best regards
    Ms. SAGE
    R.B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2014

    Dear Team,
    Excellent and thanks for your great service!
    J.T. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2014

    I just received order. The shirt is perfect and satisfies my demands.
    Rest assured that I already made the promotion of your site beside it.
    Thanks friends and believe that you've found a new regular client.
    J.L.G (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2014

    Hello Sir,
    Thank you for following up this perfectly as you do. Thank you for
    your precise work and specially for your follow up
    Dr F.B.
    Dr. F.B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2014

    Thank you very much,
    I will continue to recommend you in my environment and work as I do
    from the beginning!
    C.G. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2014

    I received the tie and shirt.
    Good quality fabric and cut excellente.Très good job.
    Thank you very much.
    P.L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2014

    We've just received our shoes and they are perfect.
    T.R (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2014

    I just received my order, thank you for your help. I remain very
    satisfied with your services.
    J.D. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/08/2014

    Thank you very very much for your friendliness professionalism...!
    D.R. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/03/2014

    Dear Sirs,
    Oh yes, you are right, we just receive them today,Very beautiful shoes, we are very happy.Thank you again for you help and efficiency.
    T.R. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/03/2014

    Hello, I am writing for I really wanted to thank you (the team) once more for the quality of the work done everything is perfect (fabrics, cut ...), this is beautiful. I am very appreciative for people like you who have all made by hand, the time you spent there. Now that I found you, it is not worth it for me to go shopping. Thank you very much.
    D.L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/02/2014

    Dear iTailor team, I have received my first pair of shoes from your site : they fit perfectly, congratulations and thank you - I have ordered another pair today since I am very pleased with this first
    try.Now that I have seen the shoes, I am impatient for the rest ;) ! Have a nice day and congrats again for your products - I will pass your site details to my friends ! Jerome Cordier
    J.C (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/01/2014

    Hello,Thank you for making the necessary checks have always been satisfied with your products.Thank you for the care and the quality of your sales department and after-sales service.
    N.S. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 18/12/2013

    I really want to thank you for your efficiency and your support.This make you really win some more customers as I'm planning to order some other products and as I provide your web site to some of my friends.
    Widly JUSTE (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 17/12/2013

    This message in response to my last message I sent you ... to tell you that I have received my package is say a pink satin tie, that I find beautiful . Cordially
    M.P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 06/12/2013

    parcel received 29.11
    super perfect shirt comply with the order.
    I contacted your details to friends dancers ...
    it s semblentr very interested in your site ....
    the pleasure of using your services again ....
    good day ...
    F.G (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/11/2013

    IT28xxxx khaki shirt has arrived. It is perfect.
    Thank you very much. I am very satisfied with your services

    Best regards
    C.G (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/11/2013

    As always you are the best
    R.E. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/11/2013


    So, finally, the pants are to arrive today
    everything is in order
    I am preparing a new order

    Patrick H
    P.H (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 24/10/2013

    I receive yesterday my shoes order IS 3266 I am happy, regards.

    B.B (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 23/10/2013

    hello, i purchased a suit from you and i love it!

    G.L (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 05/10/2013

    Thank you for your professionalism, I am glad you are willing to work with me to resolve my issue. This is my first order with itailor and if everything goes to plan and I like the shirt quality I will no doubt order more shirts and recommend the site.
    M.H (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 02/10/2013

    the costume is perfect, we have a very beautiful wedding thank you again.

    Cyrille (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 05/09/2013

     I received my shoes. Delivery very fast and the shoes are absolutely perfect. Congratulations and thank you very much 
    C. P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 08/07/2013

    I am very satisfied with the service and the two other shirts. I will continue to order on itailor and I even recomanded the website to friends and family.

    O.O. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 05/07/2013

    I just got a part of my order (pants) by post. It is perfect, and it allows me to see the real color of my future costume. Pending the result thank you for your quality product and service.
    F.G (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 01/07/2013

    I wanted to congratulate you on the speed with which you have placed my order.
    I am very satisfied with your work. The costume, shirts and shoes are great. 
    Congratulations and thank you for your efficiency.
    F.D (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 23/05/2013

    Hello sir,

    I received a shirt and thank you, and it fits perfectly to my request: congratulations to the company!
    D.L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 21/05/2013


    I inform you that I received the shirt yesterday! Effectivement transport was long ... but it has arrived at last!
    I thank you and apologize for my requests repeatedly, transport take a lot of time right now.
    Thanking you for this beautiful shirt.
    D.F (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 15/05/2013

    Hello, the suit (jacket and pants) have arrived. I want to congratulate you for the suit; Very well cut, very good fabric, as I had requested. Thank you again for your work. Mr. DROUAULT

    S.D (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 15/05/2013

    A thousand thank you, for doing your best to sending my shirt for the wedding of my daughter, I got my shirt today I am saved thank everyone who has worked on this occasion

    again thank you and good day
    J.V (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 30/04/2013

    thank you to all your team for the realization of my tuxedo for my wedding is just beautiful and the quality is perfect thank you again for your professionalism congratulations 

    L. D. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 30/04/2013

    Hello, I've received my dress, it really is perfect ;-) Congratulations to you and thank you for delivery. My good suit is impeccable .... I certainly recommend

    R. G. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 29/04/2013

    I look forward to being a regular customer, and a Great After Sales Team you have here indeed! M.W.

    M.W (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 18/04/2013

    thank you for making the effort to send my shirt and I

    thank you because I take the bride in my arms, I am proud to be today
    there very well dressed, all will be custom, thank you again for your

    Good day and hopefully soon
    J. L. V. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/04/2013

    received my latest six shirts, I'm speechless. As usual an

    awesome quality for an unbelievable price. I can't wait for your shoes
    to be launched!!!
    M. C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/04/2013

    I 've received my shirt is perfect and I'm happy!

    Marco Yuma M. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/04/2013

    Thank you! 

    I just received the black shirt of your part.elle is nice, thank you, good produit.verry good!! thanks you! MMe Berti 
    Anna B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 19/03/2013

    Hello I received my costume is perfect thank you.

    Frederic B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 02/03/2013

    We received our order of a blue satin tie few days ago. Thanks a lot.

    Marine D. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 24/01/2013

    I am happy with your speed of response


    Sebastien D.

    Sebastien D. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013

    Good morning, I'm a happy customer of yours, so far I've purchased three jackets, one pair of pants and a shirt. I love your quality and variety of choices and features, impressive skills, my most sincere compliments.  Thank you, and many compliments to all your staff again. Kimd regards, Marco V. C.

    Marco V. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013

    I just received my order, and I thank your team for your work. The gift that I have done has been a darling 's much more appreciated than the shirt bears the initials. All my best wishes for this new year 2013 Christine

    Christine L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013


    I received this last shirt, which is perfectly tailord and fits me perfectly.
    Thank you for this work, not only for the shirt, also for your follow up.
    Frédéric F. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013

    Sincères félicitations à vos équipes, très satisfait de ma commande.

    cordialement Christophe Sanchez (France)
    Christophe S. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013


    The product seems to be fine.
    Thanks for the product and your support helping keeping me up to date 
    Best regards
    D. C.
    Dominique C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013


    The product seems to be fine.
    Thanks for the product and your support helping keeping me up to date 
    Best regards
    D. C.
    Dominique C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013

    Hello ladies and gentlemen. 

    First of all I wish you a Happy New YEAR 2013.
    I inform you that I have received all of my order and I am very satisfied with the work and thank you.
    Gérard I. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013

    I 've received my shirts and well I' m very happy thank you again to all your team and de soler's are eager to have

    Nicola P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013


    do not worry I got the shirt this morning and thank you for your professionalism.
    Muriel A. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013


    My orange shirt just arrived, finally,
    Thank you for making me a remake, and making route by UPS 
    Again thank you, and please accept my sincere greetings.
    Jean-Pierre L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013

    Je viens de recevoir ma commande, et je remercie toute votre équipe de votre travail. Ce cadeau que je viens de faire a mon chéri a été d'autant plus apprécié que la chemise porte ces initiales. Tous mes meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année 2013 Christine

    Christine L. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 16/01/2013


    i received my product and I wantyou to know that I'm very satisfied. Your product is awesome. I will tell my friends to buy with you.
    Thank you very much for your business qualities.
    best wishes for you
    Benjamin M.
    Benjamin M. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 10/01/2013

    Hello, I just placed my fourth order, I am very satisfied with the

    quality of your work.
    Suzanne T. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 10/01/2013

    Great, thanks a lot. I appreciate your efficiency!

    Best regards,
    Pascal A
    Pascal A. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/01/2013

    Je vous remercie, j'ai reçu le second colis ce matin.

    Je suis ravie de la qualité des articles.
    Mme G. ESQUIER
    Gisèle E. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 10/12/2012

    I 've received my good pants and I thank you for your serious thank

    you again and see you soon
    Nicola P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 10/12/2012


    Je vous informe de la bonne reception de mes chemises.
    Merci encore pour votre sérieux dans votre travail.
    Sébastien M.
    Véronique F. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 10/12/2012

    control well received, very satisfied with the product, thank you for

    your professionalism.
    Véronique Gibourdel.
    Olivier G. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/12/2012

    Dear Sirs,

    > I would like to inform that we received this morning our ordered
    > shirt, ordered on Sept 9th.
    > We would like to thank you very much for your prompt expedition, since
    > we really needed the shirt, as well as the tie quickly.
    > Please thank all your team for the good job they all made.
    > Also, I would like to give you an advice to improve the translation of
    > your website in French, please modify on "order history" part. Change
    > 'envoyer' by 'livraison prévue': 'envoyer' means to be shipped and not
    > 'forecast delivery!'!!
    > This is the reason why I thought that the goods were sent from Oct 3rd
    > for instance, insteand of understanding that Oct 3rd was the delivery
    > date.
    > Once again, thank you for your professional work,
    > Best regards,
    > CHEZE.
    Herve C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 02/10/2012

    the shirt is absolutely perfect.

    perfect size and fit, exactly what I wanted.
    I will reorder 
    Thank you.
    Armand S. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 02/10/2012

    j'aime beaucoup se que vous faite et votre loyauté et rapiditer

    Chloé b. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 26/09/2012


    Just a quick note to let you know that I received the 4th shirt today
    no worries delivery is complete.
    Thank you again for your service and shirts that are perfect. Looking
    forward to working with you.
    Philippe B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 26/09/2012


    I recieve my vest this morning, good job it's very nice.
    See you for another suit, chemise...
    Enjoy your day
    Geoffrey C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 26/09/2012

    bonjour , je viens vers vous pour vous dire de ne pas prendre en compte mon précédent mail car je viens de recevoir , ma chemise et je vous remercie de votre professionnalisme, elle est vraiment super , encore merci et a bientôt !!!

    hello, I come to you to tell you not to take into account my previous email because I just got my shirt and I thank you for your professionalism, it is really great, thank you again and soon!
    Garnier (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 26/09/2012


    I liked you I thank received both jackets which you realized before my marriage, they are perfected!
    I shall not hesitate to pass of new command and I shall speak about it around me!
    Thank you very much.
    Good continuation.
    Loïc B.
    Loïc B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 26/09/2012


    I am happy and relieved .... In fact, the package arrived at this morning's post!
    Thank you for your work, this shirt is just as I had imagined and so personal, the production is of excellent quality and really like my husband.
    Another big thank you.
    I accept your site for a future creation.
    Guylaine T.
    Guylaine T. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 26/09/2012


    I received two shirts, I'm very happy.
    Thank you for your work and I will be ordering more shirts.
    Chimay C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 26/09/2012

    a big thank you gesture for the commercial.

    Joel F. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 26/09/2012

    a big thank you gesture for the commercial. you could not believe me when I sent you an email telling you that I had not received the first green shirt and yet this is true. per second against the green shirt that you have sent m July 24, 2012 I lai received today is very beautiful and I congratulate you I shall remember you for future orders

    thank you again Mr. De C.
    Mr. De C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 25/09/2012

    Thank you for your mail but I already received everything... I have to

    thank you, I will recommend you anywhere I'll go
    Thank you for all.
    Said K.
    Said K. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 25/09/2012


    I received the jacket 3 days ago and pants today. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this costume. It is very well built, very well sewn and the size is perfect.
    Despite the problem, and I'm glad you recommend it to friends;
    You are businessmen and professionals
    Eric M.
    Eric M. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/09/2012

    Je tenais à vous faire part de mon entière satisfaction quant à la qualité des tissus et l'excellence de la réalisation de la chemise. Très bel ouvrage! Je n'hésiterais pas à vous recommander à mon entourage... Cordialement Christophe Petit

    PETIT C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/09/2012

    bonsoir, je tiens par ce mail a vous remercier pour votre professionnalisme, la chemise est magnifique et le tissu de très bonne qualité, encore merci et a bientôt pour de nouveaux achats cordialement M SIERKA

    Sierka (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/09/2012

    J'ai bien reçu ma commande dans les délais et je vous en remercie. Je

    tiens à vous faire part de mon entière satisfaction quant à la qualité
    de votre travail, une finition remarquable et le respect des délais
    prévus. Aucune retouches à faire sur mon costume 3 pièces sur mesures.
    Tout est parfait. Je vais donc vous recommander auprès de mon
    entourage, ce qui est un minimum. Bien cordialement J-h ANCELIN
    I 've received my order on time and I thank you. I would like to
    express my complete satisfaction with the quality of your work, a
    remarkable finish and meet deadlines. No alterations to do on my
    costume pieces on three measures. Everything is perfect. I will
    recommend to my surroundings, which is a minimum. Sincerely J-h
    J-h ANCELIN (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/09/2012


    I have received all my pants ; they are perfect.
    So is the new suit...
    I am very satisfied.
    Thank you very much.
    Arnaud D. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/09/2012

    Bonjour, Dernier colis reçu aujourd'hui.
    Merci pour la qualité de votre service et vos réponses rapides

    Pascale C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 01/08/2012

    Je tenais à vous faire part de mon entière satisfaction quant à la qualité des tissus et l'excellence de la réalisation de la chemise. Très bel ouvrage! Je n'hésiterais pas à vous recommander à mon entourage... Cordialement Christophe Petit

    I wanted to share my complete satisfaction with the quality of fabrics and excellence of achievement of the shirt. Very beautiful work! I don 't hesitate to recommend you to my family ... Sincerely Christophe Petit

    PETIT C. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 01/08/2012

    Order # 0000151xxxx - the package containing the trousers arrived this afternoon, just the day before my wedding planned tomorrow, I  've given a notice to you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Sincerely.

    BULTEEL R. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 18/06/2012

    Hello again,

    I just got the jacket, the order is now complete!
    Thank you for your serious, your work is outstanding!
    Thank you so much!
    We will not hesitate to order again at home!

    A.Tessier (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 18/06/2012

    merci par ma chemise sur-mesure, très bonne qualité elle est magnifique j'adooooore

    Fouilhoux P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 21/05/2012

    Bonjour itailor Team.

    Trés satisfait de ma commande #140xxx
    J'ai donc déjà passer hier une nouvelle commande #151xxx
    vous pouvez compter sur moi pour vous faire une bonne publicité et je vais vous recommandé a tous mes amis.
    je pense vous commander prochainement une veste.
    A trés bientôt.
    Daniel J.
    Rick de V. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 21/05/2012

    Bonjour ITAILOR

    Je viens de recevoir ma chemise.  C'est PARFAIT, elle me va TRES BIEN.
    un grand merci.
    Daniel J. ( un client heureux ) 
    Daniel J. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 21/05/2012

    Bonjour, Reçu se jour ma commande, 2 chemises et une cravate, tout et parfait, à bientôt pour une nouvelle commande, merci. salutation.

    Orlando M. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/05/2012

    Bonsoir, J'ai bien reçu le costume et la chemise que j'avais commandés. Je tiens à vous féliciter pour la qualité du travail réalisé. La coupe est parfaite, la tenue excellente et la finition est absolument sans reproche. Même le délai a été tenu. Bravo et merci. Je ne manquerai pas de recommander votre site. Trés cordialement, C. POLIDANO

    POLIDANO (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 11/05/2012

    I did receive this afternoon ordered my shirt, I'm very happy with the work done and I will not hesitate to order again, you made a very good job, fabric quality is very good, sewing all too brief is correct.

    Thank you
    Luccin S.
    Luccin S. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 10/03/2012

    Monsieur; après la réception de ma commande , je tiens a remercier l'ensemble de l'équipe . le produit est excellent , ainsi que le rapport qualité -prix, je vous souhaite une bonne continuation.

    TATTOU (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 28/02/2012

    j'ais bien reçue ma commande et je vous remercie beaucoup la chemise elle est trop belle .je vous souhaite bonne fête a toute l'équipe encore merci

    lemeux (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 28/02/2012

    Bonsoir Madame, Monsieur, J'ai bien reçu ma commande, le chemisier est parfait, bien coupé et surtout de trés bonne qualité. Merci, à bientôt pour une prochaine commande, Bien à vous Chantal Paradeis

    Paradeis (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 30/11/2011


    Je suis désolé de m'etre emporté,
    mais comme c' est mon premier achat,
    je me suis inquiété,
    mais  par ce émail, je tiens a vous dire que j' ai bien reçu la chemise,
    et j' en suis content,
    et tenez a vous remercier pour votre professionnalisme et le bon suivi des émails.
    Merci a vous et votre équipe.
    lesbrioches. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/08/2011

    Hello to everybody :)

    I'm very satisfied with my shirts 
    D S (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/08/2011


    Ribere I (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/08/2011

    La derniére chemise est arrivée aujourd'hui; merci pour la qualitée de vos produits aussi bien pour les chemises que pour les logos. A bientôt cordialement J L Cornille pour Canto Verdoun.

    Jean-l (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/08/2011

    Thank you for answering me.

    You can be sure that I will talk about you around me, on very good terms of course.
    Arnaud D. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/08/2011


    Je vous confirme avoir reçu mes commandes.
    Par ailleurs, j'en suis très satisfait. Merci.
    D'avance m.
    José P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/08/2011

    Hi itailorteam, the item 63972-1 is just arrived. The sun in the east of France is "out", but this white shirt is very..."sunny" ! Everything is OK.


    Dominique P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/08/2011

    Hello, I am anxious to congratulate you on your exellent work that you made on all the orders that I made for you. From now on I would be a faithful customer. Cordially. Serge (Paris)

    Xavier S. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/08/2011

    Bonjour, J'ai reçu ma chemise aujourd'hui. Commandé le 09/06 et reçu le 07/07. Parfait pour les délais réspectés et très bonne qualité pour la chemise. Je vais prendre mes mesures pour plus d'ajustement, mais les tailles standard en version fitted sont déjà vraiment bien taillées. merci et à bientôt sur ITailor pour une série de chemises et peut être un costume. Merci . raphaël

    RAPHAEL H. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 31/08/2011

    Bonjour, je veux juste vous remercier. J'ai reçu la chemise ce matin, elle est parfaite. Exactement à la taille et comme je la souhaitais. En plus le délais a été parfaitement tenu. Merci beaucoup, je prépare une autre commande, un peu plus conséquente. Merci !!!!!!

    MARTINEZ G. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 27/06/2011

    Dear Sir, I just got in time my costume ref IT50043. It is impeccable. thank you all for this good job. I paid 38 € of customs charges but I think than with your invoice I've payed lowers customs charges. All in all the price is very interesting.

    thank again

    Teddy S. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 27/06/2011

    Thank u very much , i have just got the items, its a great job, and i will very soon order others items  and fore sure costumes. Then i ll make publicity for you. I am a big size and i m looking for this type of things for awhile , good prices, good stof. I walked outdoor with ur stuff a car stopped to asked me where i got this ...

    BEN O. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 27/06/2011

    Hello, A very big thank you to you, the shirt is beautiful and the delivery is right on schedule,I would do as much publicity as I can. Thank you cordially b.the

    LAGARDE B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 01/06/2011

    jetenais to send you a big thank you to you and your team for the work you have done for me over this beautiful shirt for my wedding.
    Congratulations and thank you for what you have done

    SYLVAIN B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 22/04/2011

    jetenais a vous envoyer un grand merci à vous et vos équipe pour la travaille que vous avez fait pour me livrer cette superbe chemise pour mon mariage.
    bravo et merci à vous pour ce que vous avez fait

    jetenais to send you a big thank you to you and your team for the work you have done for me over this beautiful shirt for my wedding.
    Congratulations and thank you for what you have done}

    Sylvain B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 24/03/2011

    hello the dream team ! Just a note to say that my shirt IT 33360-2 is arrived. What a beautifull shirt ! ...As usual, in fact... kind regards, 

    Dominique P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 03/03/2011

    Dear sirs , 

    I have just received today the end of my first order with 2 shirts . thank you very much.They are perfect . As soon as I will receive the next 6 shirts I purchased to you on the 22 of February (  N°36xxx ),I will give you a new order . 
    Best regards
    Marc S. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 18/02/2011

    Hello sir

    I received my shirt to day , and i m very happy
    Thank' s a lot for everything .
    Sincerely yours
    Best regards
    Cher Monsieur
    Je viens de recevoir ma chemises IT 9895 N° 2
    Un grand merci pour tout 
    A tres bientot
    Tres cordialement
    Denis (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 18/02/2011

    I received my shirt and I am very satisfied.

    Thank you.
    Pascal (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 18/02/2011

    Dear iTailor team
    I have recieved my shirts, Really thank you very much for all your work.
    Yours Sincerely,

    Ziqiang (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 12/02/2011

    I want to inform you that my shirt is just arrived. It's what I wanted, in particular to the quality of fabrics and seams, and my choice of colors.

    I can assure you that I will soon order new shirts.
    Thank you for all, and cordially,
    tout d'abord merci pour votre rapidité de réaction.
    Comme vous le souhaitiez, je vous confirme mon adresse:
    (First of all thank you for your quick response.
    As you wish, I confirm my address:)
    Dominique P. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 12/02/2011

    Bonjour, Je viens de recevoir ma seconde chemise (IT24994-2). Il n'y a donc pas de problème de livraison. Merci beaucoup, elle est superbe. Plusieurs amis vont en commander. Cordialement

    (Hello, I just got my second shirt (IT24994-2). It  's there is no delivery problem. Thank you very much, it is superb. Several friends are inorder. Cordially)

    BRANDT P (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 07/02/2011

    je vous remercie pour la chemise que vous m'avez envoyer j'en suis très satisfait , les mesures sont comme celles que j'avais demandées ainsi que les couleurs .

    Zaoui N. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 05/02/2011

    Bonjour, J'ai reçu en ce jour ma chemise. Tissu de la chemise, parfait; couture, parfaite. Je vous recommande à mon entourage.

    Minaflinou A. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 25/01/2011

    MERCI BEAUCOUP. J'ai bien reçu ma chemise, je suis tres content. Je vais même en  prendre une autre.

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I received my shirt, I am very happy. I'll even take another one.

    Augustin (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 25/01/2011

    Thanks, i just received it yesterday and this is perfect.

    Olivier v. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 22/01/2011

    bonsoir ! tout d abord merci de votre sérieux ! j ai bien recu ce jour ma chemise qui est de toute bautée rien a dire vivement les prochaine

    Ras D. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 17/01/2011

    Hi ! I found your website yesterday, and I decided to create my first shirt immediatly ! It's amazing !

    Pierre (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 17/01/2011

    Hi, When will you start to sell those tailor made suits ? I'm a returning customer, I really enjoy your shirt and I can't wait to buy one of you suits !

    Antoine V. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 17/01/2011

    Super site! je vous commande des chemises bientôt.

    Gimeno B. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 29/12/2010

    J'ai bien reçu la chemise que je vous ai commandé, j'en suis très contente, et vous en remercie beaucoup!
    Merci et à bientôt

    Delphine R. (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 21/12/2010

    J'ai bien reçu la chemise que je vous ai commandé, j'en suis très contente, et vous en remercie beaucoup!
    Merci et à bientôt

    anonymous (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 21/12/2010

    I received my shirts yesterday and they're perfect.

    Stéphane (France)
  • iTailor Avis : 20/12/2010

    Bonjour, je vous écris seulement pour vous dire que je suis vraiment très content de vos chemises, j'en ai commandé 4, les 4 sont d'une qualité parfaite ! A partir de maintenant, j'achèterai toutes mes chemises chez vous. Merci beaucoup.

    Fred (France)
Customers Photo Reviews
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  • Evening
    I really want to thank you for your cooperation.
    I have received the remade slacks and they are perfect
    I will be ordering more products from you all
    Again THANK YOU
  • Good afternoon,

    First of all I would like to say thank you so much for providing me with an amazing suit and shirt for my wedding. The suit that I got from is probably one of the most comfortable and great fitting suits that I’ve ever had. Because you provided me with such a great suit I can’t wait to buy more to show off on my instagram and hopefully my upcoming YouTube channel. Again, thank you so much. I’ve attached one of my favorite pictures from our wedding to show off how great your suit looks.
    Jacob V
  • I attached a picture of my wife and myself at the wedding we went to last week. Thanks to you and iTailor, I was able to get the matching jacket on time to make my three piece suit. We were looking amazing, all thanks to you. The shirt I was wearing was also iTailor, IT736808-1. I wish the ascot I was wearing was iTailor, so please consider offering casual ascots and formal cravats - which are extremely rare. Also, please offer pocket squares. Hand rolled edges are the best, just like you guys. Thank you again.
  • Hi to all the team .. just wanted to say a big thank you .. my new shirt is fantastic . Hope you agree ..I shall leave excellent feedback on trustpilot

    Thanks again
  • There it's the photo with one shirt.
    It's suits very nice.
    Best regards
  • Just a quick message to let you know the wedding went well and the suits ended looking great on all the guys, I have attached a picture of all of us.

    Thank you again for making it right for Cindy and I.

  • I'm happy to wear iTailor suits. You can't get a suit like that off the rack.

    Eddie Dean

  • My order 661XXX arrived very swiftly! My friends are giving me rave reviews on the fit and quality of my new Linen-21 and Silk108-56 shirts. Of course, I am telling them how pleased I am with the products and service at iTailor.com.

    Can you please pass along my thanks to everyone who helped to create these beautiful garments? I’ve attached a photo to encourage them to keep up the great work!

    Brent B
  • Hello Carl thank you for your support. The shirts are great 🎸🥁🥁😜
    Regards Anders.
  • Thank you so much, this is a very kind gesture that gives me a great deal of peace. I am so glad there are people and companies like yours that take such good care of their clients. Please pass my appreciation on to all of your employees that made our wedding so beautiful and this act of support possible.


    Ann D.
  • Dear iTailor,

    I would like to thank the individuals that made this shirt by hand. It has been made perfectly! The fabric is lovely and the fit is really excellent. We are really impressed with the website, the service - everything! The shirt has really impressed us and my husband is very happy! Thank you for your hard work. Photo attached!

    With Thanks,

    Jenny and Sokol
  • Good day, iTailor team,

    I wanted to write to let you know that my shirt arrived last week, only a couple days outside of your initial window-of-delivery. Your professional email asking for my patience was very well-received and I wanted to thank you for letting me know it would be late. As it is, it was well worth the wait.

    I have rarely worn a button-down shirt so comfortable or stylish. As a plus-sized man, I can tell you that finding clothing that both fits and looks good is highly difficult. Even in the United States where my body type is fairly common, clothiers seem intent upon selling things for an impossible ideal that no one but models can attain. But thanks to you I was able to craft a stylish shirt that, I can assure you, will be the first of many! I got several compliments and wore it, twice, in the first four days I owned it.

    Thank you! I am sincere in my gratitude: you provide an excellent product at an affordable price. You really are doing great work!

    I have two more shirts already ordered and will be gradually purchasing a stylish wardrobe from you, over time.

    Please let your people know, at every level, just how happy I am! In attachment you will find two images: a screenshot of what I ordered and a photo of me wearing the finished product.

    Have a wonderful day!

    David J R.
  • Thank to you ! You're best My new shirt
  • This is the look I ALWAYS wanted with this custom Black overcoat with precise specifications. I ordered today the tan and grey. The navy blue will be ordered around Christmas. You have a LOYAL customer here! Richie also is the best.
  • I wanted to just reach out to you and let you know how awesome you and your team are!!!!

    You all were very accommodating to our needs and time constraints. You all did a great turnaround on Adam's suit and it was absolutely one of a kind...amazing!!! Our wedding was a hit and his suit was everything!

    Once again, thank you and thank you for being a part of our NYE 2016 wedding!


    K & A
  • Hello!
    I ordered a suit last spring and wanted to share some pictures.

  • Thankyou soooo much for the suit !
    It was too hot for the jacket but I had
    So many comments on the suit I even wore it back in England for the other celebration we had, I will recommend you to everyone .
    Many thanks again Steve.

  • Hey guys here are some pictures from my wedding my whole wedding party had on Itailor shoes, suits, vests,shirts, and even custom ties all from Itailor, just thought you might like the photos for your site or something, everything fit great by the way.
  • Dear sir,
    Thank you for the very well made suit which was a big succes at a wedding last summer.
    Here is me wearing it in front of the town hall in Antwerp, Belgium.
    best regards,
    Randall D.
  • Hi Richie,
    This is a follow-up email to extend my appreciation in getting my issues resolved with my custom shoe orders. I'm very satisfied with the level of services. The final result is very fulfilling and I will continue being your loyal customer.

    Thank you, Momo Kamara

    P.S. I will like to contact your upper management to share my appreciation for your excellent service.
  • Dear iTailor,
    I send you here attached a couple of pictures of a few items I
    designed on iTailor, together with my review, as a happy customer.
    If you think this is worth a discount coupon, I will be happy to use
    it for my next shirt!
    Best regards,
  • Dear Sir/ Madam,
    Please find attached some pictures of myself in the suit we ordered
    through yourselves.
    I am hoping to order some trousers again in the near future.

    Kind regards,
    David M.
  • Hello iTailor,
    Attached to this message you will find photos of me in each of the last two shirts I ordered from you.
  • Hi,I'm T.Joya.

    A wear product picture(JT16807-1&JT13369-1) is attached.

    10%discount coupon is used and you make them order.

    Thank you.
  • Arrive..perfect ... thank you!
  • Hello guys and girls at iTailor :)
    First off, I have recieved both parts of the suit now, I shall explain all.
    The suit fits EXACTLY right, really comfy and I can move in it, which is VERY unusual haha :)
    My only issue is that the jacket is a bit short, however, this is NOT your fault, it is mine. I thought a 29 inch jacket would look and feel right, but with this outfit, I should have gone with a 31. Again; this is my fault entirely and nothing to do with you. You guys have been FANTASTIC!! Calm, patient, kind, clear and above all, very respectful.
    The product you have given me is EXACTLY what I asked for.
    I will be placing another order for a new jacket in the same colour, and size as this one; but 31 inches long.
    I will however, do that when I get paid.
    I know that this is a long email, but your suit looks fantastic, I havent had all the creases pressed out but I have attached some pictures.
    The jacket length is my issue, and I know for next time, you guys have been brilliant and I will be reccomending you to ALL of my colleagues, and a few clients. Especially if the next jacket I order comes out as good as this suit.
    Sincerely and all the best,

    James Joseph Woodroffe
  • I am totally satisfied with my itailor products!
    Both the shirt and suit are custom made by itailor, definitley will be purchasing again!
  • I am writing to say that for £99 exc delivery and vat my husbands coat is so superbly warm and well made that he is had nothing but compliments about it since returning to work. The length is perfect as he loves long coats which you simply cant buy on the high street anymore. The material is such heavy gauge that it swishes around his legs perfectly and it looks amazing. It feels so personal to him that he cant stop wearing it. It is quite simply amazing value for money. The boots are perfect too and they are his third pair of shoes from iTailor and to date they have all stood up well to heavy wear.I am so happy he can call the shots from now on as to what lengh of coat he wants to wear.

    Thanks iTailor
    Item number Coat - IT311156-1
    Item number Boots - IS3412-1

    The picture attached is my husband wearing both the new coat and shoes on Christmas day
  • Thanks for yet again a great fitting waistcoat! Made my christmas outfit complete.
  • Thanks iTailor, please see my suit and shirt which I designed for my recent wedding. Great service and quality as always!
  • Two very happy young men with their tailor made suits from iTailor, excellent service and superb quality and finish, thank you, love from Ireland.
  • Here is the good fitting suit, looking forward to doing more business with you.
  • My Daughter is Wedding with my iTailor Suit - E.P.C

    Congratulations from iTailor Sir!
  • Here is a picture of me in my custom iTailor suit that I specially ordered for my wedding! Everybody loved how amazing it was! Great suit, even better price. Thanks again for the great suit! Looking forward to adding many more to my closet
  • Good fitting 2 button suit!

    iTailor Suit Review, Smart Dress Jackets
  • Hello,

    I received the tuxedo I ordered (for my upcoming wedding) exactly one month to the day from ordering it. That impressed me. In addition, all of the reviews were correct: the quality is amazing and the suit is beautiful! I sent an email with pictures to all of my groomsmen (11 men), and even tried to get my dad to buy one. Personally, I will be ordering more. I will be pushing iTailor to every guy I meet. I do not even know if I need shopping at the stores any more... Thank you!!!
    A super satisfied customer

    Joshua Morales
  • Estoy muy contento con la calidad, precio, fecha de entrega. Seguro que repito.

    I am very happy with the quality, price, delivery date.

    F. R. (Spain)
  • Yet another brilliant iTailor suit from you! The quality is outstanding, Thanks a lot!
  • Great made to measure suit and custom made shirt from iTailor
  • This 2 piece suit is my 2nd order from iTailor and I am very impressed, fits perfectly, exactly as it looked with the online designer and the price is great. Look forward to ordering more items very soon. Thank you.
  • Voor het trouwen zocht ik een goed zittend pak en niet al te prijzig en met een maatje meer is dat in de gewone confectiewinkels best wel moeilijk al dan niet onmogenlijk. Na veel zoekwerk in Nederland kwam ik via internet bij ITailor na verbaasd te zijn van de vele mogenlijkheden zag ik de prijs en viel bijna van mijn stoel van verbazing...... voor een maatpak ZO goedkoop!!!! Na snelle levering paste ik de broek enz en het was super!!! wat paste dat fantastisch zeg!!!! en op de trouwerij zelf ook nog veel complimenten gekregen. ITailor jullie zijn een godsgeschenk voor de dikkere man!!!!

    For our marriage I was looking for a good fitting not so expensive suit and because finding a suit that fits a larger man is difficult to do I started looking on the internet. And then I found ITailor!! after being flabbergasted about all the possibility is of how you can make your suit I found out that the price was more then reasonable. After fast delivery I tried on my pants and it fitted like a glove!!! and on our weddingday I got a lot a complement of my suit. ITailor you are a godsend for the biggerman!!!

    iTailor ervaringen pak, Pakken
  • Just received my custom made itailor suit and I am very impressed. The fabric is good quality, measurements were good (got a slim fit), the look is expensive but the cost was cheap. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Good job itailor.com
  • My name is Nilton, I live in Brasil and this is my iTailor Suit. The fabric and the finishes are excelent, the fit is perfect and the price is the better! this is the first of many iTailor suits Thank you iTailor!
  • Merci, pour votre costume Itailor je suis vraiment satisfait par la qualité du costume TUXEDO Luxury Black

    Thank you for your costume Itailor I am really satisfied with the quality of the costume Luxury Tuxedo Black

    F. P. (France)
  • Picture of my grandson, it would make me very proud to have these pictures online. I have orders for jeans for both my grandsons and as soon as they arrive I will take photo of them dressed casually and send to you. We were so please with his prom suit,shirt and tie, the finish and very high standard of tailoring was magnificent. I have also had 6 shirts and a ladies blouse of the same standard thank you all again.

    Michael Reynolds
  • Dear Sirs,
    the suit I ordered from Itailor is of absolute top quality . This picture taken during a gala evening on a luxury transatlantic cruise shows me proudly wearing it.
    Of course..also the shirt is Itailor made. The refinement of this garment is simply unique and wearing it ...it is a pure pleasure. The attention to the smallest details is simply incredible.

    You can not go wrong ordering from Itailor.

    Best regards

  • Dear iTailor,

    Hereby a brief review and some pictures of me for your Facebook page.

    I ordered my first shirt a couple of weeks ago and I am more than pleased with it. Measuring sizes is ultra simple with short instruction video is which tell you what sizes are meant. If you never wore a tailor-made shirt - it fits like a glove, miles ahead of anything you can buy in a regular store. The delivery was quick, the fabric is thick and the finish excellent. Organic cotton made sure a made a responsible buy as well. About to order two more, big change iTailor will be my sole supplier when it comes to dressed business shirts!

    kind regards, S. de Laaf
    The Netherlands
  • A very satisfied iTailor customer with his new garments!
  • Our stylish customer in his fine custom made suit!
  • iTailor Matching Suit for our customer is great wedding!

    Custom Made Suits, Wedding Suits
  • The shirt is a hit! Fits great, looks super sharp, and the ladies dig it so far! Will be ordering MANY more!
  • Dear iTailor Team,

    A few months ago I have received from you a tailored made grey suit. The quality and the cut of the suit are fantastic. I am very pleased with the suit and I am sending you some pictures I will defiantly order again from your site soon.
    Thanks again
    and Best Regards,
  • Thank you so much for your generosity and fantastic business ethic!!! I am impressed with your kind responses and all of all fantastic clothing!
  • Dear iTailor.com,

    I purchased custom fit suits and shirts for my wedding. The experience was fantastic! Quality of the product was second to none and my guys we much happier with a great quality, custom suit better than renting a used tuxedo.

    Here is an image of my daughter walking me down the aisle in just before wedding.

    Thanks iTailor.
  • Thank you ITailor, Once again a fantastic suit...! The complete Gabrielli family have ordered them. Thanks alot! Love the quality. Fantastic!
  • Dear iTailor Team,

    A few months ago I have received from you a tailored made grey suit. The quality and the cut of the suit are fantastic. I am very pleased with the suit and I am sending you some pictures I will defiantly order again from your site soon.
    Thanks again
    and Best Regards
  • Hello I-tailor, I have received the shirts. Great job!!
  • Picture of me in my iTailor suit New Years Eve attached!
  • Thank you so much iTailor!
  • Thank you for making my beautiful designs into these shirts for my sons 21st birthday. Everyone commented how good he looked in them.
  • Hello iTailor Team

    My first iTailor experience, and very satisfying !
    The fabrics are first class, the fit is excellent and the customizing gives it an extra touch.
    Good job. I will be placing another order for sure !

    Kind regards
  • Just received my white tailor made suit in the post and i just wanted to say that it is better than better and it is more amazing than I expected. This is going to be my wedding suit and when I tried it on it felt wonderful and fit perfectly. Thank you from my fiance and I. I will be recommending you to everyone and will be using you again for sure

    -The Happy Couple, Anna and Anthony

    Congratulations from iTailor!
  • I love ITAILOR!!! I have purchased 7 shirts and one 3 piece suit all in one month!. So great, I cant wait to order more. I was nervous ordering a suit online, but its hands down the best suit I own now.
  • Thanks iTailor for this amazing custom made shirt, think girls like it too!
  • This is my perfect dress shirt! Best Regards to iTailor!
  • Thanks for getting my iTailor Suit, iTailor Shirt and tie to me on time for our friends wedding day. I am very pleased with the quality and superb value for money. I received lots of positive comments. I have recommended iTailor.com to all my friends and will definitely order from you in the future.
  • Thanks iTailor. I have ordered a lot of online custom shirts over the past 2 years but this is the first photo I have ever uploaded. I think I have found the right measurements for iTailor shirts now. Slim fitting, but still very comfortable to wear. I used to sacrifice comfort for that very slim fitting style, but I think these new measurements hit the spot.

    A big thank you to the person at iTailor who patiently worked with me via email to add my Tailor style measurements. I feel very confident in ordering again and it is great knowing I would not have to worry about measuring my body over and over again...for now.
  • Hello iTailor team,

    Here you can see my iTailor shirts collection! And soon will be increased.
    The fabrics are amazing and fit perfectly! Totally recommended!

    Thank you!

  • This was us on our wedding day last Monday.
    Thank you ever so much! - Menno & Muriël
  • Le camicie sono ottime considerato il rapporto qualità prezzo. Il sito
    online è molto facile da usare , si potrebbe migliorare la traduzione.
    Complessivamente sono molto soddisfatto dei vostri prodotti servizi.
    Sisto Aguzzi
  • I have just received my 2nd short from iTailor. Again I am overwhelmed with the result. Absolutely love it. The quality is top notch and the fit is superb. I went for a semi casual shirt with some edgy details like the contrast colour button threads and the diagonal button holes. You cannot find fault in the workmanship. The shirt again arrived in good time. I could not be happier. Will definitely be ordering more! We also have a blouse coming for my fiancée.
  • Special shout out to my friends at itailor for customizing my shirts for this photo shoot. Good Job, guys. I am a customer for life.
  • Hello,

    I would like to thank iTailor for their custom fit shirt. I ordered it 2 weeks before my wedding and it was delivered just in time. It was a very nice shirt for a magic moment.

    Thank you Itailor!
  • My tailor made dress shirt!
  • Great job! The shirts we a huge hit!! Thank you!
  • I am extremely happy with both the shirts I ordered from you. The material is great and the shirts have a real quality finish. I love being able to design my own shirt, making them unique to me. I will be ordering more, no question. And delivery is always within the stated time. Very happy.
  • Hi,
    Just received my shirt and love the quality of the material and the accuracy of the measurements. One of the cheapest shirts I have bought and certainly the highest quality.
  • It looks good! I will order one slightly bigger next time! - Isaac Kight
  • Dear iTailor,

    Hereby a brief review and some pictures of me for your Facebook page.

    I ordered my first shirt a couple of weeks ago and I am more than pleased with it. Measuring sizes is ultra simple with short instruction video is which tell you what sizes are meant. If you never wore a tailor-made shirt - it fits like a glove, miles ahead of anything you can buy in a regular store. The delivery was quick, the fabric is thick and the finish excellent. Organic cotton made sure a made a responsible buy as well. About to order two more, big change iTailor will be my sole supplier when it comes to dressed business shirts!

    kind regards, S. de Laaf
    The Netherlands
  • Good day, I just recieved my shirt in the mail today and once again it is fabulous.
  • Hey iTailor!

    My 3 piece suit was a hit at the wedding!! thank you all so much. here is a picture of me with the groomsmen.

    Craig Trevor Weichmann
  • Hello guys,
    I’m the guy with the red & white shirt in the picture, as you already acknowledged.
    The shirt fits so damn well. It’s the best shirt under $50 that I own. I like it so much that I wear it all the time.www.iTailor.com it’s the most friendly site I could find and I’ll surely use it again.
    I only ordered one shirt to see how it fits, I’m pleased with the result and I will order more soon.
    I love the colors and the materials to choose from.
    I’m planning to buy custom suits as well.
    Thanks guys,
  • Hi iTailor,
    I am just writing to say thank you for my tailor-made shirt. I received this for my brothers wedding and I was extremely impressed with the quality of the material and the fit. I am so impressed that I don’t think I will be buying any more shirts off the shelf. Being tall, I find it very hard to find a shirt that fits me well, and all to often have I ended up having to put up with something too short, or too wide for my size. No longer will this happen, because I can visit your website knowing that I can have comfortable fitting clothes at a very reasonable price.
  • Custom Made Shirt Review
  • I have a lanky build, so finding a suit to fit is no easy task. Not to mention for only $200! This is the second suit that I have ordered from them, and I am very impressed. The stitching quality is top notch, and everyone asks me where I got it! I will definitely order all my suit from them and them alone. By far the best deal I could ever find!

    Sam J. Oklahoma, USA
  • Classic pic!
  • Hello,

    You can find A picture of my custom-maid Tailor clothes.
    The idea that I can custom my shirt is so nice! The price a nice too!
    I adviced it to all of my friends. And I am waiting for my jean that I will receive in few days
    Thank you.
  • This message is to let you know that I am very happy with all orders (2 suits, 3 shirts, and one tie) I have received from you. I like the materials, and specifically your professional work done. Below is a picture of one of your shirt. By the way, I have ordered one more suit and three more shirts.


    Yao. K

  • This is to inform you that today I have received the Jeans, I also wish to tell you that I am very pleased with the item and the workmanship. Will make another order soon.
  • I am very pleased with the quality of materials and workmanship of this garment and have already recommended your site to a number of friends and aquaintances and I will definitely be ordering again in the future.
  • Thought I would take a picture of the suit and tell you that I love the styling and I love the suit. Thank you very much
  • Thank you very much for the shirt. It is perfect! I will order again in the future for me and my company.
    Thank you again.
  • Came out beautifully! Thank you iTailor!
  • Hi, I just received my shirt. This second shirt I ordered is perfect. The first one I did not provide the correct measurements. I love the shirt, love the quality and how fast it arrived to my door.
  • I ordered a shirt and the result is perfect. The delivery is fulfilled. No surprise. I am very satisfied. I will now order a suit
  • To show i am a superpromoter of ITailor and to redeem my discount
  • The shirt and quality are fine, and I am thinking of continuing to be your customer and also use you for my company is shirts - Vasilios Liaskos