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hello, i purchased a suit from you and i love it!

G.L (France)  France

I receive yesterday my shoes order IS 3266 I am happy, regards.

B.B (France)  France
Thank you for your professionalism, I am glad you are willing to work with me to resolve my issue. This is my first order with itailor and if everything goes to plan and I like the shirt quality I will no doubt order more shirts and recommend the site.
M.H (France)  France

the costume is perfect, we have a very beautiful wedding thank you again.

Cyrille (France)  France
 I received my shoes. Delivery very fast and the shoes are absolutely perfect. Congratulations and thank you very much 
C. P. (France)  France

I am very satisfied with the service and the two other shirts. I will continue to order on itailor and I even recomanded the website to friends and family.

O.O. (France)  France
I just got a part of my order (pants) by post. It is perfect, and it allows me to see the real color of my future costume. Pending the result thank you for your quality product and service.
F.G (France)  France
I wanted to congratulate you on the speed with which you have placed my order.
I am very satisfied with your work. The costume, shirts and shoes are great. 
Congratulations and thank you for your efficiency.
F.D (France)  France

Hello sir,

I received a shirt and thank you, and it fits perfectly to my request: congratulations to the company!
D.L. (France)  France


I inform you that I received the shirt yesterday! Effectivement transport was long ... but it has arrived at last!
I thank you and apologize for my requests repeatedly, transport take a lot of time right now.
Thanking you for this beautiful shirt.
D.F (France)  France

Hello, the suit (jacket and pants) have arrived. I want to congratulate you for the suit; Very well cut, very good fabric, as I had requested. Thank you again for your work. Mr. DROUAULT

S.D (France)  France

A thousand thank you, for doing your best to sending my shirt for the wedding of my daughter, I got my shirt today I am saved thank everyone who has worked on this occasion

again thank you and good day
J.V (France)  France

Hello, I've received my dress, it really is perfect ;-) Congratulations to you and thank you for delivery. My good suit is impeccable .... I certainly recommend

R. G. (France)  France

I look forward to being a regular customer, and a Great After Sales Team you have here indeed! M.W.

M.W (France)  France

thank you for making the effort to send my shirt and I

thank you because I take the bride in my arms, I am proud to be today
there very well dressed, all will be custom, thank you again for your

Good day and hopefully soon
J. L. V. (France)  France

thank you to all your team for the realization of my tuxedo for my wedding is just beautiful and the quality is perfect thank you again for your professionalism congratulations 

L. D. (France)  France

received my latest six shirts, I'm speechless. As usual an

awesome quality for an unbelievable price. I can't wait for your shoes
to be launched!!!
M. C. (France)  France

I 've received my shirt is perfect and I'm happy!

Marco Yuma M. (France)  France

Thank you! 

I just received the black shirt of your part.elle is nice, thank you, good produit.verry good!! thanks you! MMe Berti 
Anna B. (France)  France

We received our order of a blue satin tie few days ago. Thanks a lot.

Marine D. (France)  France

Hello I received my costume is perfect thank you.

Frederic B. (France)  France

I 've received my shirts and well I' m very happy thank you again to all your team and de soler's are eager to have

Nicola P. (France)  France

I just received my order, and I thank your team for your work. The gift that I have done has been a darling \ 's much more appreciated than the shirt bears the initials. All my best wishes for this new year 2013 Christine

Christine L. (France)  France


My orange shirt just arrived, finally,
Thank you for making me a remake, and making route by UPS 
Again thank you, and please accept my sincere greetings.
Jean-Pierre L. (France)  France


do not worry I got the shirt this morning and thank you for your professionalism.
Muriel A. (France)  France

Hello ladies and gentlemen. 

First of all I wish you a Happy New YEAR 2013.
I inform you that I have received all of my order and I am very satisfied with the work and thank you.
Gérard I. (France)  France


The product seems to be fine.
Thanks for the product and your support helping keeping me up to date 
Best regards
D. C.
Dominique C. (France)  France

Sincères félicitations à vos équipes, très satisfait de ma commande.

cordialement Christophe Sanchez (France)
Christophe S. (France)  France

Good morning, I\'m a happy customer of yours, so far I\'ve purchased three jackets, one pair of pants and a shirt. I love your quality and variety of choices and features, impressive skills, my most sincere compliments.  Thank you, and many compliments to all your staff again. Kimd regards, Marco V. C.

Marco V. (France)  France


I received this last shirt, which is perfectly tailord and fits me perfectly.
Thank you for this work, not only for the shirt, also for your follow up.
Frédéric F. (France)  France

Je viens de recevoir ma commande, et je remercie toute votre équipe de votre travail. Ce cadeau que je viens de faire a mon chéri a été d\'autant plus apprécié que la chemise porte ces initiales. Tous mes meilleurs voeux pour cette nouvelle année 2013 Christine

Christine L. (France)  France


i received my product and I wantyou to know that I'm very satisfied. Your product is awesome. I will tell my friends to buy with you.
Thank you very much for your business qualities.
best wishes for you
Benjamin M.
Benjamin M. (France)  France

Bonjour, je vous écris seulement pour vous dire que je suis vraiment très content de vos chemises, j'en ai commandé 4, les 4 sont d'une qualité parfaite ! A partir de maintenant, j'achèterai toutes mes chemises chez vous. Merci beaucoup.

Fred (France)  France

I am happy with your speed of response


Sebastien D.

Sebastien D. (France)  France

Great, thanks a lot. I appreciate your efficiency!

Best regards,
Pascal A
Pascal A. (France)  France

Hello, I just placed my fourth order, I am very satisfied with the

quality of your work.
Suzanne T. (France)  France

Je vous remercie, j'ai reçu le second colis ce matin.

Je suis ravie de la qualité des articles.
Gisèle E. (France)  France


Je vous informe de la bonne reception de mes chemises.
Merci encore pour votre sérieux dans votre travail.
Sébastien M.
Véronique F. (France)  France

control well received, very satisfied with the product, thank you for

your professionalism.
Véronique Gibourdel.
Olivier G. (France)  France

I \ 've received my good pants and I thank you for your serious thank

you again and see you soon
Nicola P. (France)  France

Dear Sirs,

> I would like to inform that we received this morning our ordered
> shirt, ordered on Sept 9th.
> We would like to thank you very much for your prompt expedition, since
> we really needed the shirt, as well as the tie quickly.
> Please thank all your team for the good job they all made.
> Also, I would like to give you an advice to improve the translation of
> your website in French, please modify on "order history" part. Change
> 'envoyer' by 'livraison prévue': 'envoyer' means to be shipped and not
> 'forecast delivery!'!!
> This is the reason why I thought that the goods were sent from Oct 3rd
> for instance, insteand of understanding that Oct 3rd was the delivery
> date.
> Once again, thank you for your professional work,
> Best regards,
Herve C. (France)  France

the shirt is absolutely perfect.

perfect size and fit, exactly what I wanted.
I will reorder 
Thank you.
Armand S. (France)  France

j'aime beaucoup se que vous faite et votre loyauté et rapiditer

Chloé b. (France)  France


Just a quick note to let you know that I received the 4th shirt today
no worries delivery is complete.
Thank you again for your service and shirts that are perfect. Looking
forward to working with you.
Philippe B. (France)  France


I recieve my vest this morning, good job it's very nice.
See you for another suit, chemise...
Enjoy your day
Geoffrey C. (France)  France

Hello to everybody :)

I'm very satisfied with my shirts 
D S (France)  France


Ribere I (France)  France

bonjour , je viens vers vous pour vous dire de ne pas prendre en compte mon précédent mail car je viens de recevoir , ma chemise et je vous remercie de votre professionnalisme, elle est vraiment super , encore merci et a bientôt !!!

hello, I come to you to tell you not to take into account my previous email because I just got my shirt and I thank you for your professionalism, it is really great, thank you again and soon!
Garnier (France)  France


I liked you I thank received both jackets which you realized before my marriage, they are perfected!
I shall not hesitate to pass of new command and I shall speak about it around me!
Thank you very much.
Good continuation.
Loïc B.
Loïc B. (France)  France


I am happy and relieved .... In fact, the package arrived at this morning's post!
Thank you for your work, this shirt is just as I had imagined and so personal, the production is of excellent quality and really like my husband.
Another big thank you.
I accept your site for a future creation.
Guylaine T.
Guylaine T. (France)  France


I received two shirts, I'm very happy.
Thank you for your work and I will be ordering more shirts.
Chimay C. (France)  France

a big thank you gesture for the commercial.

Joel F. (France)  France

a big thank you gesture for the commercial. you could not believe me when I sent you an email telling you that I had not received the first green shirt and yet this is true. per second against the green shirt that you have sent m July 24, 2012 I lai received today is very beautiful and I congratulate you I shall remember you for future orders

thank you again Mr. De C.
Mr. De C. (France)  France


Je vous confirme avoir reçu mes commandes.
Par ailleurs, j'en suis très satisfait. Merci.
D'avance m.
José P. (France)  France

Thank you for your mail but I already received everything... I have to

thank you, I will recommend you anywhere I'll go
Thank you for all.
Said K.
Said K. (France)  France


I received the jacket 3 days ago and pants today. I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this costume. It is very well built, very well sewn and the size is perfect.
Despite the problem, and I'm glad you recommend it to friends;
You are businessmen and professionals
Eric M.
Eric M. (France)  France

Bonjour, J\'ai reçu ma chemise aujourd\'hui. Commandé le 09/06 et reçu le 07/07. Parfait pour les délais réspectés et très bonne qualité pour la chemise. Je vais prendre mes mesures pour plus d\'ajustement, mais les tailles standard en version fitted sont déjà vraiment bien taillées. merci et à bientôt sur ITailor pour une série de chemises et peut être un costume. Merci . raphaël

RAPHAEL H. (France)  France

Bonjour, je veux juste vous remercier. J\'ai reçu la chemise ce matin, elle est parfaite. Exactement à la taille et comme je la souhaitais. En plus le délais a été parfaitement tenu. Merci beaucoup, je prépare une autre commande, un peu plus conséquente. Merci !!!!!!

MARTINEZ G. (France)  France


I have received all my pants ; they are perfect.
So is the new suit...
I am very satisfied.
Thank you very much.
Arnaud D. (France)  France

Bonjour, Dernier colis reçu aujourd\'hui.
Merci pour la qualité de votre service et vos réponses rapides

Pascale C. (France)  France

bonsoir, je tiens par ce mail a vous remercier pour votre professionnalisme, la chemise est magnifique et le tissu de très bonne qualité, encore merci et a bientôt pour de nouveaux achats cordialement M SIERKA

Sierka (France)  France

Je tenais à vous faire part de mon entière satisfaction quant à la qualité des tissus et l\'excellence de la réalisation de la chemise. Très bel ouvrage! Je n\'hésiterais pas à vous recommander à mon entourage... Cordialement Christophe Petit

I wanted to share my complete satisfaction with the quality of fabrics and \ excellence of achievement of the shirt. Very beautiful work! I don \ 't hesitate to recommend you to my family ... Sincerely Christophe Petit

PETIT C. (France)  France

J\'ai bien reçu ma commande dans les délais et je vous en remercie. Je

tiens à vous faire part de mon entière satisfaction quant à la qualité
de votre travail, une finition remarquable et le respect des délais
prévus. Aucune retouches à faire sur mon costume 3 pièces sur mesures.
Tout est parfait. Je vais donc vous recommander auprès de mon
entourage, ce qui est un minimum. Bien cordialement J-h ANCELIN
I \ 've received my order on time and I thank you. I would like to
express my complete satisfaction with the quality of your work, a
remarkable finish and meet deadlines. No alterations to do on my
costume pieces on three measures. Everything is perfect. I will
recommend to my surroundings, which is a minimum. Sincerely J-h
J-h ANCELIN (France)  France

Je tenais à vous faire part de mon entière satisfaction quant à la qualité des tissus et l\'excellence de la réalisation de la chemise. Très bel ouvrage! Je n\'hésiterais pas à vous recommander à mon entourage... Cordialement Christophe Petit

PETIT C. (France)  France

Order # 0000151xxxx - the package containing the trousers arrived this afternoon, just the day before my wedding planned tomorrow, I \ 've given a notice to you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Sincerely.

BULTEEL R. (France)  France

merci par ma chemise sur-mesure, très bonne qualité elle est magnifique j\'adooooore

Fouilhoux P. (France)  France

Hello again,

I just got the jacket, the order is now complete!
Thank you for your serious, your work is outstanding!
Thank you so much!
We will not hesitate to order again at home!

A.Tessier (France)  France

Bonjour itailor Team.

Trés satisfait de ma commande #140xxx
J'ai donc déjà passer hier une nouvelle commande #151xxx
vous pouvez compter sur moi pour vous faire une bonne publicité et je vais vous recommandé a tous mes amis.
je pense vous commander prochainement une veste.
A trés bientôt.
Daniel J.
Rick de V. (France)  France

Bonjour, Reçu se jour ma commande, 2 chemises et une cravate, tout et parfait, à bientôt pour une nouvelle commande, merci. salutation.

Orlando M. (France)  France


Je viens de recevoir ma chemise.  C'est PARFAIT, elle me va TRES BIEN.
un grand merci.
Daniel J. ( un client heureux ) 
Daniel J. (France)  France

J'ai bien reçu la chemise que je vous ai commandé, j'en suis très contente, et vous en remercie beaucoup!
Merci et à bientôt

Delphine R. (France)  France

Bonsoir, J\'ai bien reçu le costume et la chemise que j\'avais commandés. Je tiens à vous féliciter pour la qualité du travail réalisé. La coupe est parfaite, la tenue excellente et la finition est absolument sans reproche. Même le délai a été tenu. Bravo et merci. Je ne manquerai pas de recommander votre site. Trés cordialement, C. POLIDANO

POLIDANO (France)  France

I did receive this afternoon ordered my shirt, I'm very happy with the work done and I will not hesitate to order again, you made a very good job, fabric quality is very good, sewing all too brief is correct.

Thank you
Luccin S.
Luccin S. (France)  France

Hello sir

I received my shirt to day , and i m very happy
Thank' s a lot for everything .
Sincerely yours
Best regards
Cher Monsieur
Je viens de recevoir ma chemises IT 9895 N° 2
Un grand merci pour tout 
A tres bientot
Tres cordialement
Denis (France)  France

Dear iTailor team
I have recieved my shirts, Really thank you very much for all your work.
Yours Sincerely,

Ziqiang (France)  France

I want to inform you that my shirt is just arrived. It's what I wanted, in particular to the quality of fabrics and seams, and my choice of colors.

I can assure you that I will soon order new shirts.
Thank you for all, and cordially,
tout d'abord merci pour votre rapidité de réaction.
Comme vous le souhaitiez, je vous confirme mon adresse:
(First of all thank you for your quick response.
As you wish, I confirm my address:)
Dominique P. (France)  France

Hi, When will you start to sell those tailor made suits ? I'm a returning customer, I really enjoy your shirt and I can't wait to buy one of you suits !

Antoine V. (France)  France


The product seems to be fine.
Thanks for the product and your support helping keeping me up to date 
Best regards
D. C.
Dominique C. (France)  France

Monsieur; après la réception de ma commande , je tiens a remercier l\'ensemble de l\'équipe . le produit est excellent , ainsi que le rapport qualité -prix, je vous souhaite une bonne continuation.

TATTOU (France)  France

Super site! je vous commande des chemises bientôt.

Gimeno B. (France)  France

j\'ais bien reçue ma commande et je vous remercie beaucoup la chemise elle est trop belle .je vous souhaite bonne fête a toute l\'équipe encore merci

lemeux (France)  France

Bonsoir Madame, Monsieur, J\'ai bien reçu ma commande, le chemisier est parfait, bien coupé et surtout de trés bonne qualité. Merci, à bientôt pour une prochaine commande, Bien à vous Chantal Paradeis

Paradeis (France)  France


Je suis désolé de m'etre emporté,
mais comme c' est mon premier achat,
je me suis inquiété,
mais  par ce émail, je tiens a vous dire que j' ai bien reçu la chemise,
et j' en suis content,
et tenez a vous remercier pour votre professionnalisme et le bon suivi des émails.
Merci a vous et votre équipe.
lesbrioches. (France)  France

I received my shirts yesterday and they're perfect.

Stéphane (France)  France

La derniére chemise est arrivée aujourd'hui; merci pour la qualitée de vos produits aussi bien pour les chemises que pour les logos. A bientôt cordialement J L Cornille pour Canto Verdoun.

Jean-l (France)  France

Thank you for answering me.

You can be sure that I will talk about you around me, on very good terms of course.
Arnaud D. (France)  France

Hi itailorteam, the item 63972-1 is just arrived. The sun in the east of France is \"out\", but this white shirt is very...\"sunny\" ! Everything is OK.


Dominique P. (France)  France

Hello, I am anxious to congratulate you on your exellent work that you made on all the orders that I made for you. From now on I would be a faithful customer. Cordially. Serge (Paris)

Xavier S. (France)  France

Dear Sir, I just got in time my costume ref IT50043. It is impeccable. thank you all for this good job. I paid 38 € of customs charges but I think than with your invoice I've payed lowers customs charges. All in all the price is very interesting.

thank again

Teddy S. (France)  France

Thank u very much , i have just got the items, its a great job, and i will very soon order others items  and fore sure costumes. Then i ll make publicity for you. I am a big size and i m looking for this type of things for awhile , good prices, good stof. I walked outdoor with ur stuff a car stopped to asked me where i got this ...

BEN O. (France)  France

Hello, A very big thank you to you, the shirt is beautiful and the delivery is right on schedule,I would do as much publicity as I can. Thank you cordially b.the

LAGARDE B. (France)  France

jetenais to send you a big thank you to you and your team for the work you have done for me over this beautiful shirt for my wedding.
Congratulations and thank you for what you have done

SYLVAIN B. (France)  France

jetenais a vous envoyer un grand merci à vous et vos équipe pour la travaille que vous avez fait pour me livrer cette superbe chemise pour mon mariage.
bravo et merci à vous pour ce que vous avez fait

jetenais to send you a big thank you to you and your team for the work you have done for me over this beautiful shirt for my wedding.
Congratulations and thank you for what you have done}

Sylvain B. (France)  France

hello the dream team ! Just a note to say that my shirt IT 33360-2 is arrived. What a beautifull shirt ! ...As usual, in fact... kind regards, 

Dominique P. (France)  France

Dear sirs , 

I have just received today the end of my first order with 2 shirts . thank you very much.They are perfect . As soon as I will receive the next 6 shirts I purchased to you on the 22 of February (  N°36xxx ),I will give you a new order . 
Best regards
Marc S. (France)  France

I received my shirt and I am very satisfied.

Thank you.
Pascal (France)  France

Bonjour, Je viens de recevoir ma seconde chemise (IT24994-2). Il n\'y a donc pas de problème de livraison. Merci beaucoup, elle est superbe. Plusieurs amis vont en commander. Cordialement

(Hello, I just got my second shirt (IT24994-2). It \ 's there is no delivery problem. Thank you very much, it is superb. Several friends are inorder. Cordially)

BRANDT P (France)  France

je vous remercie pour la chemise que vous m'avez envoyer j'en suis très satisfait , les mesures sont comme celles que j'avais demandées ainsi que les couleurs .

Zaoui N. (France)  France

Bonjour, J'ai reçu en ce jour ma chemise. Tissu de la chemise, parfait; couture, parfaite. Je vous recommande à mon entourage.

Minaflinou A. (France)  France

MERCI BEAUCOUP. J'ai bien reçu ma chemise, je suis tres content. Je vais même en  prendre une autre.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I received my shirt, I am very happy. I'll even take another one.

Augustin (France)  France

Thanks, i just received it yesterday and this is perfect.

Olivier v. (France)  France

bonsoir ! tout d abord merci de votre sérieux ! j ai bien recu ce jour ma chemise qui est de toute bautée rien a dire vivement les prochaine

Ras D. (France)  France

Hi ! I found your website yesterday, and I decided to create my first shirt immediatly ! It's amazing !

Pierre (France)  France

J'ai bien reçu la chemise que je vous ai commandé, j'en suis très contente, et vous en remercie beaucoup!
Merci et à bientôt

anonymous (France)  France
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